BEST WHMCS Alternatives


BEST WHMCS Alternatives 2022

There are more than 10 WHMCS alternatives for a variety of platforms, including Linux, the Web, Windows, Mac and Self-Hosted solutions.

Other great WHMCS alternatives are BILLmanager, Blesta, HostBill, ClientExec, UberSmith, WISECP, BillingFox, Fleio, domainCart,  BillingServ and ZBillingNET.


Client management, billing, and support software that brings automation to web-hosting & managed service providers, freelancers & more. Blesta automates nearly every aspect of your business, from order fulfillment and service provisioning, recurring invoice creation and delivery, to payment processing and reminders, even automatic suspension and unsuspension. Freedom through automation.


The Clientexec software package offers customer management, support and billing all wrapped into one powerful intuitive package. Clientexec enables businesses to easily and effectively manage their online business. 



HostBill is a powerful and flexible, all-in-one automation, billing, client management and support platform for online businesses. HostBill handles all aspects of running a successful online business, from client acquisition, through invoicing and payment collection, automated service provisioning and management, to customer service and support.


BoxBilling is a billing and client management software. 

The BoxBilling software offers many different features for software developers and web businesses to control every part of the billing aspect of their business.

 BoxBilling is used to sell shared and reseller hosting accounts, domains, licenses for software, downloadable products, and customized recurring billing products. BoxBilling has options for automated billing, invoicing, and product provisioning. 


BILLmanager is a highly customizable billing software for hosting and IaaS business with the full scope of functionality for billing, service provisioning, client management & support.



BillingFox is an all-in-one hosting company billing software that will help you to create your own hosting company, you can sell everything, even domains, set your own prices and extend it with addons, start your own hosting company in minutes with BillingFox


Fleio is the OpenStack billing system and self-service portal software - enables service providers to sell public cloud services.

The Fleio Hosting Billing Edition helps web hosting company automate service life cycle.

Fleio OpenStack Edition provides full billing and control panel functionality that enables service providers to offer public cloud services. End-users can sign up, add credit (or post-pay), create and manage OpenStack cloud resources. The powerful pricing rules enable the service providers to charge services on the cloud billing model (e.g., price pe GB / hour for storage, price per vCPU / minute etc.).

See Fleio editions comparison.


BillingServ is a web-based invoice and ordering solution that lets you accelerate the whole invoicing and ordering process so you can complete your transactions effortlessly and get paid quickly. With BillingServ, you can sell every product and service without compromising data security, making it an ideal partner for online merchants, retailers, and online businesses that aim to provide a safe shopping environment for their customers.



domainCart is a mobile responsive PHP shopping cart script for selling domain and hosting related services. Ajax supported domain availability checking, whois lookup, adding domain and hosting related services to the shopping cart and completing order are all controlled from one page.