Lara Email Tracker



With less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you will be able to track all WHMCS email activities, see your delivery rates and how your customers are interacting with your emails.


  • $10.49 /year – 3 years updates & support subscription [ 30% Discount ]                                                                                           
  • $12.75 /year – 2 years updates & support subscription [ 15% Discount ]                                                                                              
  • $14.99 /year – 1 year updates & support subscription                                              

Lara Email Tracker comes with tons of features, including but not limited to  :

  • Tracks email views, by adding a tracking pixel to sent emails.
  • Tracks all links in sent emails, with the ability to track custom and external links as well (like your company’s Facebook or Twitter page).
  • Fully automated system, no coding required, just plug-and-play !
  • Works with any WHMCS email provider (PHP Mail, SMTP , MailGun, etc.)
  • Only tracks actual human interactions, and ignores bots (i.e., caching servers and email scanners) .
  • Tracks the entire life cycle of the email, when it was sent, delivered to the receiving server, opened or a link was clicked inside the email.
  • Fully customizable, with the ability to anonymize tracked IPs and many other options.