Lara Fraud Control



Wouldn’t it be great, if you could manually review risky orders before activating them, while allowing orders passing your fraud checks to auto-activate ?

That makes sense, right ? .. but while this might be perfect for some payment gateways, it might not work for others .. That’s exactly why we created Lara Fraud Control.

Pricing: $49.95 USD / Annually

Lara Fraud Control will allow you to set fraud check settings per payment gateway , as follows :

  • Disable Fraud check completely, per gateway.
  • Enable Fraud check, and take one of the following actions, if an order Fails the Fraud check :
    • Reject the order before payment, and prevent further orders during the same session.
    • Allow Order and accept payment, but mark order as ‘Awaiting Manual Review’, and don’t auto-activate after payment.
    • Allow Order and accept payment, then activate the order, if WHMCS is set to auto-activate after payment.

This module will pay for itself, with the first paid order that you will manually review and pass, while in the absence of Lara Faud Control, that same order would have been unpaid, marked as fraud and rejected.

Additional Notes :


Rejected orders, will show a generic message to customers, giving them the option to open a support ticket.

Awaiting Manual Review orders, will act as any paid pending order, giving you or your staff the chance to manually check the order before activation (similar to setting WHMCS to “Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order“).

Accepted orders and orders Passing Fraud check will complete normally, as per your WHMCS settings (auto activate/wait for manual review .. etc).

The module will use your current active fraud module settings and will also Skip Fraud Check for existing customers, if “Skip Fraud Check for Existing” is enabled in your WHMCS ordering settings.

As with all of our modules, you’ll get :

  • Full Source Code, 100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files.
  • Updates & Support, 12 Months of Free updates and support. Including new features, bug fixes and WHMCS Updates.

Get the module now for only $9.99 and take control in your hands .. That’s a discounted price ! .. Act quickly, as THIS OFFER IS LIMITED.